Dr. Perrin Jones

Action, Not Words

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Meet Perrin An MD for North Carolina

Husband and Dad

Perrin is the proud husband to his wife, Laura, and father to their three children.

Medical Doctor

Perrin has spent nearly 20 years practicing medicine in Pitt County and advocating for affordable healthcare access.

Citizen Legislator

Perrin is a citizen legislator, not a career politician. He was appointed to the legislature in 2019 to fill the seat of now-Congressman Greg Murphy and has worked to deliver results for the people of Pitt County.

Jones currently serves as the co-chair of the COVID-19 healthcare workgroup

On The Issues

A Bipartisan Leader

In his over 20 years practicing medicine in Pitt County, Perrin has never asked a patient if he or she is a Democrat or Republican before providing care - because it doesn’t matter. He’s taken that same mentality to Raleigh by working with members of both parties to find solutions to our most pressing problems issues such as raising public school teacher pay and increasing state aid for Coronavirus testing and vaccine development.

A Commitment to Quality Healthcare

Perrin has seen firsthand the urgent need to improve healthcare access and quality. That’s why he is leading the charge to revamp the ECU Brody School and expand Medicaid in a responsible way.

An Advocate For Teachers & Students

Teachers and parents stand with Perrin because they know he fights for them in Raleigh. He has voted to increase teacher pay and classroom funding and is determined to provide the funding it takes to recruit and keep the best educators in Pitt County.

Fair Taxes & Responsible Budgeting

Families and businesses work hard and expect the taxes they send to Raleigh to be spent wisely. Perrin has stood against efforts to increase taxes on families and the small businesses, which are the lifeblood of Pitt County./p>

21st Century Public Safety

Perrin believes in maintaining the civil society, wherein everyone has a dignified and contributory role to play in protecting our values and institutions. Part of this work involves criminal justice reform. Perrin was the main sponsor of a GPS-based domestic violence prevention bill. He voted for the Second Chance Act and works with a bipartisan group of legislators to broaden pre-trial services for people accused of certain crimes. Perrin advocates for a mental health court in Pitt County and has worked with Sheriff Paula Dance and local mental health experts to establish an opioid treatment center for defendants in the Pitt County Detention Center.